Saw Loser

Well I started of the new year full steam ahead, or so I thought. I started a zombie game ! and then hit a blank wall.... This went on for over a w......


Busy Bee

Flappy Bird was a big hit, so I decided my next game Busy Bee would be a version of it. My timeframe was 3 days, and I ran over this one by one day......


Jet Set Harley

This project had begun as a brain child of an old game I used to play as a kid, Lunar Lander. You controlled a ship over rocky terrain to land on a......


Circle Block

Time Frame for this game was 1 day, I had challenged myself to create a game with as little as code that I could manage.

The main idea is v......


Santas Grotto

So within 6 weeks of creating games I started my 5th game. Time frame was one day and the reason was it was a simple project - help Santa match the......


High Speed Cop Chase

One thing I wanted to build was a car racing game, and now with the tools that I had learned so far I was going to create one. I had tried out a fe......


Sharks Tank

The timeframe for this game was 2 days.

I had been looking at some indie game websites and a fishing game had caught my eye, simple control......


Great Escape FULL

This is the full version of Great Escape LITE - I had created 9 levels for the lite version, so I decided to create 25 new levels for the full vers......


Great Escape LITE Puzzel Game

Now this was a great challenge, this was my second game that I built, I gave myself a time frame of 3 days to create the 9 level demo.

The ......


Run Oscar Run

My first game !

This was based on one of the modules that I learnt in the Zenva Academy Phaser Course - an endless runner.

Time Fra......