High Speed Cop Chase

One thing I wanted to build was a car racing game, and now with the tools that I had learned so far I was going to create one. I had tried out a few on the play store and started my project.

Time Frame 3 days - during this time I had got an idea while on the chase to have an emeny helicopter try to stop me by firing rockets at my car.

Challenges :

- Keep a high score of distance covered
- Create an enemy helicopter that fired rockets
- Create a basic AI that the helicopter could follow me
- Create a flashing light behind the car to represent the cops chaing me

This was one of my favorite game I had built, one thing that was strange was that the cars on teh first 2 left lanes reversed the scale on the Y axis when warpped in Intel XDK. So the cars look like the are coming at me insaed of me overtaking them. Strange bug in XDK but it didn't hamper the game.

Costing was $1 for the police helicopter image

Play Now !