Busy Bee

Flappy Bird was a big hit, so I decided my next game Busy Bee would be a version of it. My timeframe was 3 days, and I ran over this one by one day.

The reason for this was I had a particular challenge on my hands - a level select section. I knew how the mechanics worked I just needed to code it into the game.

I was directed to this website for help http://www.emanueleferonato.com/2016/04/26/create-a-html5-level-select-screen-controlled-by-swipe-new-features-bug-fixes-and-animation-when-selecting-locked-levels/. This was a great resource to me and helped a lot, I also found this great tutorial for creating a grid in Phaser (http://www.joshmorony.com/how-to-create-a-candy-crush-or-bejeweled-game-in-phaser/), from there I starting working on it, from the loop structure to the level select buttons. When creating a system like this you are better working back from the GameState data been passed eg. the level gained and using the localStorage to set the values in your level select screen.

It took a while to get it right but got there in the end - hence the extra day.

Overall cost, Bee and Backgroung Images - opengameart.org, in public domain so FREE, the main level buttons and splash screen was €3 overall.

NOTE - I had a link button to rate the app that linked into my developer page, the app was rejected so I had to remove it, strange as I had used it on some of my other games.

Also I have collected a few cool snipets that I use in my games now that I can jump back and forth to make the game production quick. 

I also purchaed the Particle plug-in from phaser.io which is just brilliant (I was able to create the fancy emitter effect when you click on the level button), well worth $32.

So I'm happy with the progress made this year, especially since the start of October - 9 games in 10 weeks. I will take a break creating games over Christmas but will study the highlights from the http://zenva.com course and will embark on the Advanced Phaser course in the next few days to increase the skills.

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