Jet Set Harley

This project had begun as a brain child of an old game I used to play as a kid, Lunar Lander. You controlled a ship over rocky terrain to land on a flat surface and fuel up. As I started the game with this in mind, I somehow thought instead of a ship to use a character and within a half an hour it turned into a different game.

My time frame on this game was 3 days, and I kept within the time limit.

The new items I added to this development to challenge me was : 

- Create a Pause Option
- Creation of emitter particles for collecting stars (number 5 snimates to show the seconds gained)
- Use a blocked doorway that could only be opened if all the stars were collected with the level
- Pass the information through a data object (current score and current levels)

Imgages I purchased were overall less than $3 from gamedevmarket and, and the music I used with an attribution link.

I created this with a goal of 5 levels so far, but I think on a bigger project I would add in end of level bosses and diffrent enviroments.

At present I'm keeping to small time frames as to help with learning new techniques that will make future game builds faster and more efficent.




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