The learning curve

Posted on : Friday 16th, December 2016

Well after a learning process of roughly 12 months I can now say that I can create a different sprectrum of games thanks to the Phaser framework. I had started in Decemeber 2015 learning about pixi.js and after reading the excellent book by Rex Van Der Spuy - HTML and Javascript Games I got a sense of direction of game development.

What I didn't realise was how complicated some of these game mechanics were, such as physics, acceleration, friction, gravity etc.. 

So after reading the Pixi.js book, I set about on my first game project - Four Minute Mile.

After 2,000 lines of code and months of work I was good to go (so I thought), I hired someone to upload it to the play store as I didn't know how to do it then. It took weeks to change updated versions I grew frustrated but eventually the game was lauched.

During ths period I had stumbled upon the Phaser framework and blown away by the quality of work that Game Developers has achieved. But I looked a code snippets and thought this was well above me.

How wrong I was - I came across the Zenva Academy (link) and signed up their Phaser Platinum Course.


Click to view the Zenva Courses

The course was outstanding, within a few weeks I was reading the once obscure code that now made perfect sense. Within a few months I was building my own games with Phaser in short bursts of time.

I would recommend anyone who has an interest in Game Developmet to dothe course and create your own fun games, I did